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HMC1063LP3E 24 GHz IQ Mixer Usage

Question asked by mert09 on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Assaf

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I am a senior Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student in Bilkent, Turkey. For my senior project, I plan to use HMC1063LP3E 24-28 Ghz IQ Mixer. Looking at the datasheet for several times, I've seen the property of using Single Sideband Mixer or Image Reject Mixer. However, I cannot find any information about how user can control IQ mixer in operation, i.e. when I want to select one of two output signals  as RF Output, what is the procedure I should follow for this task. Is there an operation note for this product or is there anyone with experienced of using the chip?  Any help will be appreciated.


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