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AD5592R DAC output limit

Question asked by MaSimons on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by spazztechtom

Pretty much know the answer, but I’ll ask anyway since the datasheet implies otherwise.

First use of the AD5592R with one DAC output, two A/D inputs, and one GPIO used.

Operating it at 3.3v since the SPI I/O coming from SN65LVDT41/14 LVDS SPI datalink devices.



Vref at 2.5 internal, set to 2x, wanted to get up to 4.1v out, but it stops at 3.3v.

This is covered nowhere in the datasheet that I see. Please correct me if wrong.


I could power this at 5v, but then it would violate the SPI high voltage logic level (>3.5v), which is why I guess the R-1 part is around, but didn’t like the pinout as much.


Anything I’m missing ?


Other than that, appears fine, SPI link running at 12Mbps which is the most I can do with this 3.3V processor.