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Question asked by GregMefford on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by DaveD

When using the ADV212 in encode mode, with 8-bit video data coming in the VDATA bus, The pixel data is presented to VDATA[11:4].


In order to embed the sync signals in the video stream, it looks like (from the User's Guide, page 75) we have to also wire up VDATA[3:0] for EAV/SAV, or at least short them together, in order to signal the 0xFF at the beginning of the EAV/SAV.


Is this the case, or can we just ignore VDATA[3..0] when in 8-bit VDATA mode? I believe I read somewhere else that unused VDATA pins are read as 0s, so my assumption is that they need to be either all connected or at least shorted together and controlled together as a ninth bit.