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ADAU1452 SPI burst mode writing, wait time between successive word

Question asked by Paramecium on Oct 16, 2015
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The ADAU1452 SPI burst mode writing, should we add wait time between successive word transfers ?


In the initialization sequence, when the host writes data via SPI in the burst mode, the ADAU1453 does not work normally.

If I set the SCLK frequency to 50KHz or less, it works normally.

On the other hand, when I wrote the program and register data from the PC on the Sigma Studio, I probed the SPI signals and observed the waveform.

Then there were small wait time ( the SCLK stopped a while ) between successive word transfer, I found.


It seems that we can transfer data without wait as the following Figure 36

I cannot find any specification about it in the data sheet.

But are there any limitations or specifications when we use the SPI burst writing ?


ADAU145x date sheet ( rev. C )

Page 14 SPI Interface—Slave

Page 39 Figure 36. SPI Slave Write Clocking (Burst Write Mode, N Bytes)