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Move stack location during run-time

Question asked by on May 3, 2011
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I am building a product that needs to comply to safety regulations and for that reason i need to check the RAM for physical faults. I have implemented an algorithm that does exactly that, but I have problems when checking the stack area.


My question is: Can I somehow move the stack area to another memory location and check the original area, and then move the stack back to it's original position?


eg. if the stack is located in memory 0xFF807F00 -0xFF807FFF, how can I move it during run time to 0xFF800000 -0xFF8000FF? So, I can check RAM addresses 0xFF807F00 -0xFF807FFF and then move the stack to the original address again.


I'm guessing there are some assembly instructions to do that.


Thanks in advance for your help.