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Is there a way to integrate and simulate ADP5090 Model(SIMPLIS) and AD8210(SiMetrix) into a single circuit?

Question asked by versil1 Employee on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by Kevin.Yao



    I'm new to ADIsimPE and  trying to simulate a regulator circuit with current/power monitoring. This leads me to using ADP5090 for regulator and AD8210 current shunt monitor IC into a single circuit, but I'm having below error prompts during simulation:


if using SIMetrix:


*** ERROR *** Cannot find definition for sub-circuit 'ADP5090_Model'



if using SIMPLIS:


Unable to locate the definition

of `subcircuit AD8210' in the

input, include, or library file(s).


     I'm curious if we can simulate both components into a single circuit? Appreciate if you can share some work-around to this.