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ADuCM320 Internal VREF Power-ON Time

Question asked by tak on Oct 16, 2015
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Hello All,


I would like to know about Power-ON time for internal VREF.

Which is the correct understanding on the typical value condition?


1) Total 90mS need? 40ms wait for START-UP Time and then wait additional 50ms for active the internal VREF.

2) OR, just wait 50ms?


Datasheet (ADuCM320 Rev. B Table 1) stated below.

START-UP Time at Power-ON is 40ms Typical @ POR to first user code execution

Internal VREF Power-ON Time is 50ms Typical


Of course those are typical values, we need to consider the margin for twice or three times.

But, my customer is asking this question, please let me know.


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