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Upconverter with high input power tolerance

Question asked by dmarcosgon on Oct 15, 2015
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I need some help for an application where we have to upconvert a band from 5MHz to about 450 MHz to somewhere between 1500 MHz and 3500 MHz, the IF exact center frequency can be within that range and the IF bandwidth should be 100MHz or more. (i.e. we need to upconvert arbitrary 100MHz chunks within the 5MHz to 450MHz band to an IF between 1,5 and 3,5 GHz).


This downconverter will go after a power limiter, a filter, an LNA and a variable attenuator. Long story short, due to some requirements and taking into account all the other elements, even after protections this upconverter will need to withstand +20 dBm input power without breaking for  <10 seconds. This is not a typical operating condition, under normal operation input power levels won't go above +10dBm and most of the time they will be below 6dBm. This is a high dynamic range application, where sometimes levels can go that high but can also go down to -100dBm or thereabouts.


It's been very difficult to find a mixer suitable for this, there are candidates but require very high LO levels and we would prefer something that requires LO levels below 3dBm or that has integrated LO buffer. We would also rather have conversion losses or very small gains than high conversion gains, and the more linear the better.


The best candidate we've found so far is the ADL5801 but the datasheet is mostly centered around downconverting applications, and the two mentioned are for a fixed fRf of 153 MHz and not for my intended application.


Do you have any advice on this or other better suited mixers?


Thank you very much