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ADE8052 Emulator - IAR workbench

Question asked by Tiaan on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2011 by Tiaan

I am trying to get the ADE8052Z-EMUL1 Z emulator working with an evalutor metering kit EVAL-ADE5169F62EBZ

I'm using IAR workbench 7.60.1 on Windows 7. When trying to Project >> download and debug it keeps giving me  the error:


Failed to reset device. Make sure to hold down "Serial download" while pressing "Reset in device".


This is after I pressed the RESET on emulator board and then held in SDEN and pressed RESET, to get it into

serial download mode as the  ADEA8052_DWDL1_EMUL1.pdf document describes.


I have set up the COM port to 115200 bits,8 data bits,no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. I have connected with hyperterminal and it gives me the

ADE5169F62V2.3 ..... response that says that all is working.

In the options in IAR workbench >> debugger  >> Analog devices>> Download I have selected the - Use 1 pin POD with ADU device.

In options >> debugger  >> Analog devices> >> Serial Port I have selcted the appropriate COM port and 115200 baud rate.


I also tried to download using the  "Use 1 pin POD with ADE device" option , but that didn't work either.


Where can I get the schematic for the emulator board to check whether connection J2 is properly connected?


I might be forgetting something, can somebody please help me.