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Output voltage of out0,1 AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ

Question asked by Kaos on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Kaos

Dear Sir/Madam,


Our customer is studying with your AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ.

He will put video device input on next of out0, out1.

So I have a question.

Can AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ output +/-2.5V?


AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ have AD9144 DAC and it have the current output.

So the output of AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ are put the divide resisters, and be transfered the current to the voltage on there.


I could not catch the output ratings on your wiki well.


So pls advice us for above question.


Thanks Kaos