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AD9524 RefA clock not present

Question asked by Vali on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by pkern

We have an old design using AD9524 which works fine with a 10Mhz RefA clock and 1GHz VCXO.

We build another board which basically keeps the same design but instead of AST3TQ-10mhz-2 as RefA we use a DV75D-010.0M

Both of them are standard LVCMOS outputs TCXOs but somehow in our latest design the AD9524 doesn't see the RefA  clock. I can see the clock on the scope, all voltages to the AD9524 are good but after doing the chip initialization (same like in the old design) we get the registers 0x22C as 0xE0 and 0x22D as 0x8.

What could be the issue?

What does it mean "Status REFA" OK in bit 2 of register 22C? Does it mean just I have clock there or does it check for clock characteristics?