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ADA4927-2 to drive an AD9652

Question asked by dmarcosgon on Oct 14, 2015
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I have some doubts and questions about using an ADA4927-2 to drive an AD9652. First of all is wether that would require symmetric supplies or if it will suffice with +5V single supply. The optimum input Vcm for the AD9652 is 2V and the output range of the ADA with single supply is between 1V and 4V. A 2Vpp swing theoretically attainable in this way would be sufficient, but I'm concerned about performance near the output voltage limits. Does the output work without degradation from 1V to 4V or shoud I use symmetric +-5V supply to have more output margin?


I also want to know if the same topology used for terminating the ADA input to 50ohm described in the datasheet for single ended input could be used for differential (for 100 ohm differential termination). The ADA's input will be driven from a 100ohm differential impedance source through an antialias filter, and the input swing will be about 2Vpp too. So I want to terminate the inputs of the ADA4927 to 50 ohm while having a gain of about 2 (6dB) to compensate the source-load divider at the input and drive the ADC with a 2Vpp swing. Is that correct?



Thanks for your attention