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issue creating loader file from SC584_Power_On_Self_Test_Core0

Question asked by mattp Employee on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by andreastan

I am able to compile the project called "SC584_Power_On_Self_Test_Core0" in ADI_ADSP-SC58x_EZ-KIT_Lite-Rel1.0.0 using the default settings and create an executable.


However, when I change the Build Artifact -> Artifact Type to "Loader File", I get the following error:


'Building target: SC584_Power_On_Self_Test_Core0.ldr'

'Invoking: CrossCore ARM Loader'

elfloader.exe -proc ADSP-SC584 -si-revision 0.1 -b spimaster -f hex -width 8 -o "SC584_Power_On_Self_Test_Core0.ldr"

[Error ld0289]: No input files specified. Code from at least one initialization or core application is needed to create a LDR file for target ADSP-SC584.



I see Tool Settings -> CrossCore ARM Loader -> Initialization allows me to set the initialization file.


Which file should I use for the ADSP-SC584 EZ-Board?