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What are contents of ADuC7026 boot-up, 24 character, ID string?

Question asked by Circuitcode on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by Circuitcode

After the ADuC7026 has been put into boot upload mode via the RST* and BM* signal pins it waits for a BACKSPACE character from the upload host. When the BACKSPACE character is received the ADuC7026 responds with a 24 character ID string.


In past dealings with the 24 character ID string a 24 character reception was required but only the first 6 characters were checked for specificity (i.e. "ADUC70"). An IAP boot-loader has to be responsible for the output of the 24 character ID string if it needs to be ARMWSD.exe compatible.


Can anyone help with the following:


  • Where can the ADuC7026 24 character ID string be found in memory or is there a generic 24 character ID string that could be used instead for a ARMWSD.exe compatible IAP boot loader?


If it is difficult getting answers to the above:


  • How many characters of the 24 character ID string does the ARMWSD.exe program check for specificity and what are the characters?


Thank you.