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AD9520 PLL lock problems

Question asked by markus on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2011 by neilw

Hi, we're encountering problems  setting up the PLL of a 9520-3 properly. As reference clock, a TCXO with  fref=20MHz is used which directly drives the PFD. The 2GHz VCO is  divided to 20MHz via a 32x-Prescaler, a B-Counter of 3 and an A-Counter  of 4 (P=32, B=3, A=4)  which should yield an overall ratio of 100.

The problem: When selecting DLD (act. high) on the status-pin, we can observe a constant pwm signal but no steady digital lock.

Signals in the R and N branches are of the same frequency and shape.

The  question: is this problem likely to be caused by the external loop  filter? (since we changed the external filter several times (according  to ADISimClk)).


Its current configuration is 100pF||(2nF--5k6). We use two of the four dividiers with 2 lvpecl channels (%1) and 1 cmos channel (%4) (1ghz and 250mhz respectively). Register maps look more or less the same as the map generated with the eval-board software and I can easily provide them if necessary.


Thanks in advance!!

Markus Glitzner