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Why KC705 reference designs can not operate Gigabit ethernet?

Question asked by -2dbc on Oct 12, 2015
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I examined your KC705 & ad9467 reference design. You use 100Mbps AXI ethernetlite ip core there.

I examined ad6676 ref. design also. You use 1Gigabit AXI Ethernet Subsystem IP core there. And your ref. designs are prepared for vc707 and zc706. I migrate your vc707 design to KC705 but I did need to decrease eth. speed to 100Mbps from 1Gbps.


I examined AXI EthernetSubsystem v6.2's product guide that has an example design and Its targeted to KC705.

What I understood is that KC705 can use "AXI EthernetSubsystem v6.2" IP core similar to vc707 and zc706.

My question is this:

Why do you use 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps? Is there any limit or something else?


Thanks in advance.