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AD-FMCOMMS4-EBZ Hardware requirements and crystal

Question asked by AndyBennettGrove on Oct 12, 2015
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I have recently purchased the AD-FMCOMM4-EBZ evaluation board and I have downloaded the NON OS software to be installed in a PIC24.  At this stage as I am not using a development platform, I have connected the following:


3.3V and GND applied to P301

FMC connector:

VADJ, connected to 1.8V (although I using 3.3V for the SPI from the connecting interface board that I am using as the SPI is driven at 3.3V, from the processor)

PG_FMC - tied to 3.3V

Therefore VDD_INTERFACE is currently at 1.8V (but is it OK to use 3.3V?)

I have checked the following voltages:

3.3V OK

1.8V on board OK

1.3V (various) OK


At present I can see the SPI bus trying to talk to the AD9364, but it is not responding and the Slave output (from SPI) is high impedance.


The initial problem, I cannot see the crystal on board the eval board oscillating.  Is there anything else I need to setup to make this oscillate in the first instance?


Thanks in advance