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ERROR cc3047 + 'folder' does not exist

Question asked by dan_xerx on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by amcl

Hi All,


When using the sample code from the board support pacakges of BF533 EZ KIT using CCES 1.1.0, error on the compiler looks like this:


cc3047: {D} error: `Devices\ADSP-BF533_EZKIT-Rel1.0.1\BF533_EZ-Kit_Lite\Blackfin\include' does not exist

make: *** [AudioLoopback_I2S.dxe] Error 1


I have tried to include all the necessary folders on the include path but to no avail. Did I miss something here? any help or recommendation is appreciated.