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EZKIT- BF527 OTP write

Question asked by AlonIs on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 5, 2011 by PrasanthR

I'm using the device programmer in order to read/write from/to the otp . I'm working with the bf-527 evaluation board & and with the OTPProgrammer bf527(driver) from AD examples.

1. there is no problem reading from otp .

2.I didn't succeed writing to otp . I tried to wite to the unsecured general purpose space (0x1c - 0xdf).

Error: OTP Page Previously Locked while executing command WRITE.

since it 's the first time I try to erite to otp , those pages shouldn't be locked . can it be a VDD_otp problem ?

how do i supply 7V in the evaluation board to the VDD_otp ?

regards Alon.