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sound: ASoC: ssm2602 0-001a: Failed to issue reset: -6

Question asked by flatmax on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by flatmax

Hi there,


I have got a ssm2604 codec hooked up to a SoC.

I have I2C working here is an example of the following I2C exectution :

ret = regmap_write(ssm2602->regmap, SSM2602_RESET, 0);


I am pretty sure the chip is getting the I2C signal. However for some reason, the error is raised in ssm2602.c :

ssm2602 0-001a: Failed to issue reset: -6


From what I understand the I2C lines are output only as the chip has only SDIN and SCLK lines.


When I comment out this error ... ALSA starts and appears to be working (I haven't tested it yet !)


ret = regmap_write(ssm2602->regmap, SSM2602_RESET, 0);

/* if (ret < 0) {

   dev_err(codec->dev, "Failed to issue reset: %d\n", ret);

   return ret;



not sure why it is failing ... and ideas ?