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AD9910 SYNC setup

Question asked by Mr.Brouwer on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by LouijieC

Hi everyone.


I have the AD9910 DDS connected with a 40Mhz crystal.

And XTAL_select is tied to GND.


So when I powerering the DDS, and then giving a MASTER_RESET

then I must see at REFCLK_OUT my 40MhZ signal. Also I must

see at SYNC_CLK (pin 55) a signal of 5Mhz. Because my SYSCLK

is 20Mhz. Am I right?


But now, I don't have both REFCLK_OUT and SYNC_CLK signal.

Is there something wrong with this setup? Or is the DDS just dead?