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ADE7753 - Current measurement being influenced by voltage measurement

Question asked by cckncckn on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by hmani

Hello fellow developers,


We've made a small board for testing an ADE7753, and we're having the following issue:


When we input a voltage signal into the voltage channel (channel 2) inside the range of +- 0.5V and NO SIGNAL AT ALL on channel 1 (current), no matter if we leave it opened or short circuited we have almost the very same reading that we have on the voltage register as in the current register.


The board has been EXHAUSTVELY tested against short circuits, current flows through wrong paths, etc. We havo no problems at all with the board. We can even ensure that the voltage dividers (resisters) deliver the expected voltage range on both channel inputs.


We never exceeded the boundries of +- 0.5V so we did respect the extreme limits of +-6V on both channels. Anyway, do you think that we may have burned the chipn or the unit may have come defective?


We could not find any logical explanation for this behavior on the manual.


Has anyone of you guys seen it happen?


Thanks in advance!