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EZ kit lite 21364 --block based talk through nothing happens

Question asked by hola on May 2, 2011



I have been trying to use the EZ kitlite 21364's Block based talk through code provided in the examples section. However, I have not been able to process the signal in the blockprocess; irrespective of whatever I do the signal in the blockproces, the output remains the same. In one instance I changed


*(block_ptr+i) =  *(block_ptr+i);




*(block_ptr+i) = 0;


but I could still listen to the signal that is input to the board. I would appreciate if anyone could let me know if there is any known bug with the code or if any common mistake in setting up the system is know with respect to this code.


I am using VisualDSP 5.0 and IDDE version