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Could SigmaStudio implement phase shift in a certain frequency piont?

Question asked by Felix.Lee on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by Felix.Lee

At ADAU1761 platform, I have implement a phase shift follow the below link, it was amazon method to adjust output phase degree.

But It was similar with phase shift theory base on delay, the whole frequency signal in the delay chain change to a fixed degree, compare to reference signal.

In my application, I want to reverse like 100Hz piont phase from -180' to +180', just like below firgure. Actually, it was a feature from TAS5709 named "phase shift". Recently I need change to ADAU1761 platfrom, the "phase shift" was a necessary, but I can not found the "phase shift" soft module in Sigmastudio. Is there any certain module or method to implement the feature in Sigmastudio? TKS!