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Some questions about AD7190

Question asked by meerkat on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2015 by JellenieR



1-currently we are using ad7799 for our product (weight scale application )

as i read ad7190 datasheet  it has better performance (like more free noise bit)

is it good idea to switch ad7799 with ad7190 ?


2- In datasheet  pin 9 is nc whereas in evaluation schematic pin 9 is AGND.!


3-when we don't use AINCOM is it ok left it float ?

    how about other pins that are unused  like AIN1,2 REF2(+,-)?


4- Do you recommend a resistor  in series with Reference pins , like what we done in  AIN ?

5-As i read in "AD779x Instrumentation Converters Frequently Asked Questions" you have recommended

to use external diodes :

"The Schottky diode must have a turn-on voltage of 300 mV."

It is really hard to find The Schottky with this turn on voltage

do you have any specific offer ?

Best Regard