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AXI-DMAC stopped working after mainline sync

Question asked by milosoftware on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by milosoftware

After this commit:


I couldn't get any data out of the DMAC IP that captures video from the ADV7611 chip. If I revert this commit and rebuild the kernel, the design works just fine as before.


The devicetree looks like this:

     axi_dmac: dmac@43c00000 {
               compatible = "adi,axi-dmac-1.00.a";
               reg = <0x43c00000 0x10000>;
               #dma-cells = <1>;
               interrupts = <0 58 0>;
               clocks = <&clkc 16>;

               dma-channel {
                    adi,buswidth = <64>;
                    adi,type = <0>;

Now from the commit I see that this is the "old" way of describing it, but the code still is capable of parsing it.


Any advice? I noticed that the various reference designs also still use this snippet for their video capture.

There also doesn't appear to be any update to the IP.


(Related question: Can I also direct the capture data to a VDMA logic core instead of the DMAC? That would reduce the amount of logic and drivers, since that's already in place for the HDMI output to the 7511)