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ADV7280 Y Average

Question asked by ZeiOl on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by mattp

Hello Readers,

I am currently using the ADV7180 with great success in a hobby project, but i might switch to the ADV7280 if it works as i expect it to work when reading the datasheet.

In the User Sub Map2 is a Section about an Y Average function, about which I dont find information anywhere in the datasheet or internet. I plan to read out the Luminance Average Values with my µController as a condition to stop measurement of time when it exceeds a specific value.


Said registers can be found in the Hardware Reference Manual on page 89, User Sub Map 2 0xE1 to 0xE8


Maybe someone can tell me if my assumptions are right:

1) When locked to a camera cvbs signal a conversion to YCbCr in 4:2:2 formatting is made

2) According to made configuration in 0xE1 to 0xE6, the luminance average value is calculated and stored in 0xE7 (MSB) and 0xE8 (LSB)

3) From there, i can read out averaged value via I²C (if correct slave address and submap enable bit are send and set)


If all this is right, i assume it should not be a problem to limit values that affect the averaged value to data between SAV and EAV.

Maybe i also have failed to find the requested information, but in that case it has to be hidden somewhere.


If nobody has an answer ready, would somebody be kind enough to test said registers? im a student and can't really afford to spend alot of money just for experiments with 8 registers.


Thanks in advance for all your help!