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ADV7480 MIPI-CSI bring up

Question asked by mchoi on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by mattp

I'm trying to bring up ADV7480 MIPI-CSI.


Enabled Free run 1280x720P color bar with 2lanes configuration.

The problem is that MIPI receiver(Snapdragon 805) doesn't raise interrupt that notifies SOF(Start of Frame) packet.

ADV7480 sends SOF and EOF, doesn't it?


I compared other MIPI transmitter devices and realized that clock lane is always high speed mode.

Also 2 data lanes transits between HS and LP but in HS mode, voltage level was is not stable unlikely other MIPI transmitter that I'm testing.


Is there anyway that I can enable clock lane configures properly in case that Snapdragon805 requires clock lane transition mode when data lanes is in transition mode?


How to make the voltage level in data lane HS mode stable?

Same configuration but different MIPI-CSI transmitter(which is 16MP camera sensor) looks fine.  So MIPI receiver configuration should be fine.


ADV7480 CSI-TXA register 0x00 bit[5] EN_AUTOCALC_DPHY_PARAMS.

This bit can be used to enable the automatic computation of the DPHY timing parameters.


How to configure DPHY timing parameters when I set this bit to '0'?

Also, when it's automatic computation of DPHY timing parameters, what is timing parameters? I assume that I need to correctly set up receiver's timing parameters but no information about transmitter's parameters.

What is settle count?