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ADV7393 Color Bleeding

Question asked by mike.baker Employee on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by PaulS

We are adding color symbology to a B&W background image. The ADV7393 is configured as recommended in Table 79 of the datasheet:


  • NTSC, 8-bit, square pixel, YCrCb input; using EAV/SAV synchronization format; CVBS/Y Output


We are having an issue with “color bleeding” to adjacent pixels


We’ve looked at the content and timing of the video stream going out to the encoder and it looks correct.  Checked the video stream in simulation and using Xilinx ChipScope.  The ‘R’ and ‘K’ letters in the attached image should be white but the diagonal parts of the letters have a lot of color that bleeds into them.  We did not make any changes to the recommended settings for any of the filters in the ADV7393.  Can you suggest any encoder configuration changes that could help filter “color bleeding”?


A copy of the register writes and the image showing the color bleeding are attached.