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Problems with ADAU1772

Question asked by audiolab1 on Oct 7, 2015
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I have finally received prototype PCBs for a new design using ADA1772 and ADAU1446. The DSP chip is acting as the master and providing the MCLK for the CODEC. In attempting to setup the signal routing using the USBi programmer and SigmaStudio, I am continually receiving a compile error. I have gone through and checked all connections to the ADAU1772 and confirmed that the clock is present on pin 39 (XTALI/MCLKIN). I have DVDD connected directly to REG_OUT as per the datasheet and strangely I see no voltage on DVDD or REG_OUT. I have triple checked that there is an electrical connection between REG_OUT and DVDD and there are no shorts to GND or adjacent pins. I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions as I am sitting under a looming deadline. I know that both SigmaStudio and my USBi programmer are working correctly as I have no issue programming the ADAU1446 on the same PCB.