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Problem with AD1896 SRC

Question asked by Joschi on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by DaveThib


i´m curently developing an audio DAC device with an AD1896 smaple rate

converter to reduce jitter. The input data comes from a Cirrus Logic CS8416 SPDIF reciever and seems to be correct.


Now my problem is that the MUTE_out pin of the AD1896 is always asserted high.

I have 24 MHz input at the MCLK pin, 6 MHz at the SCLK_in, about 1,2 MHz at

SDATA_in and 48 kHz at LRCLK_in.

SCLK_out is also 6MHz but at LRCLK_out and SDATA_out is no signal. MUTE_in is

connected to a microcontroller and is programmed to be low all the time.

In the datasheet is said that MUTE_out is high during reset or if there is a change between  LRCLK_in and LRCLK_out. As i have no signal on LRCLK_out that might be the cause but why isn`t there anything on the LRCLK_out?

Can you help me to find out why the AD1896 isn`t working?