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Problem in integration of AXI_DMA driver in linux kernel

Question asked by atma on Oct 7, 2015
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Hi Lars,



I am currently using vivado 14.2. My final target is to access memory mapped device in Programmable Logic from Linaro. I have cloned

u-boot(2014_R2),kernel(2014_R2) & hardware design(2014_R2), which are compitable with vivado 14.2. I want to use axi_dma but kernel version

2014_R2 doesn't have axi_dma drivers. In kernel version 2015_R1, axi_dma drivers are available.

I copied the axi_dma driver from kernel@2015_R1 in kernel@2014_R2 & built kernel@2014_R2, but kernel becomes panic at the booting time

I am new in kernel device drivers.Do you please help me to know how can I integrate axi_dma driver in kernel@2014_R2.



Thanks & Regards,