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RGB Quantization Range of ADV7611 and ADV7513

Question asked by usaghi on Oct 7, 2015
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Please let me ask several questions at RGB Quantization Range.


a) ADV7611 HDMI receiver

If RGB Quantization Range in AVI InfoFrame of input HDMI data stream is different from actual range of RGB data,

how does automatic CSC function work and decide this range of output ?


b) ADV7513 HDMI transmitter

b-1) Does RGB Quantization bits(0x57[3:2], =Q[1:0]) set automatically by recognizing quantization range of actual input data ? 


b-2) If users set above Q[1:0] bits different from actual data range, since type of these bits are R/W, how the quantization range of output data has to be decided ?


Please ask if you have any, and your support and helps would be very much appreciated.


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