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Bad parametric search screener results

Question asked by EyalV on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by RAnslow

I try to decide my company's next generation AV video decoder. Using the parametric search screener, I think that I receive some components types that doesn't answer all checked parameters. See following link :

Selection Table for Video Decoders


Which say that ADV7180 in 32-pin footprint have 8&16 4:2:2 YCrCb output.


Another example:|0|-1|7|4160|2232|2236|2238|4539|4540|4541|164|-3&p4539=PAL


Which imply that only chips support PAL are ADV7281/2 (while there are more...)


Not sure if there are more issues like this one, but maybe the table need to be updated.