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AD8307 in radio telescope

Question asked by crocboy on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by jdobler

I am designing a radio telescope, a device that requires a very stable gain as well as being able to detect signals of very low power.  For example, one of the signals I am targeting has a strength of -160 dBm.  Of course, this will be amplified by my pre-amp system (~120 dB gain) up to about -40 dBm.   My goal is to measure the total power of the signal, which in this case will be the total signal + total system noise.  The device I am asking about is the AD8307.  It says in the datasheet that the minimum input level is equal to the noise floor, about -78 dBm.  Do you have any parts that are more sensitive than that (lower minimum input)?  Also, the dynamic range of the device is 92 dB, which seems high compared to similar devices you make.  Is the AD8307 considered your "best" log amp power measuring device?  Thanks for your time!