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AC-3 Decoder Example Code for EZ-BOARD

Question asked by trentrolf on Oct 6, 2015



We are looking for some example code for streaming real-time audio from the S/PDIF port through the AC-3 decoder and out through the DACs.  Our hardware is the ADSP-21489 EZ-BOARD.  There is some example code provided with the AC-3 decoder documentation, but it just decodes a file with raw AC-3 data in non real-time.  This is helpful for learning details about the decoder API but there is still a large effort to receive the IEC 61937 data packets, decode and extract the raw AC-3 data. 


We have made a lot of progress writing this code ourselves, but it is growing in complexity and not working exactly right yet.  There are a number of state machines and intermediate buffers to help the data flow continuously.  We just feel like we're re-inventing the wheel when there should be a solution for this out there already.


Any help would be appreciated.