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Corrupt OSD video.

Question asked by Saurabh_Namjoshi on Oct 6, 2015
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We have EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ board with firmware version 1.90.2.

We are modifying V1.90.2 code as per the companies requirement.

We are using a customized board which is replica of EVAL-ADV8005-SMZ instead of 7842 for other input source for Adv8005 we are using Adv7619.


We are using Pipmode-5 i.e pip mode for displaying EXOSD.

OSD blend pipeline is mentioned below.


EXOSD-TTL<--->SVSP<--->OSD blend<--->TX <--->TV




TV supports 1080p60,720p60 & 480p60 resolution.

OSD resolution is 1080p60 & requirement is to display full screen OSD.


I am adding some test case below for further clarification.

RX           OSD          PVSP      SVSP       TV Output     Result

480p60     1080p60     1080p60   1080p60    1080p60       Corrupt video

480p60     1080p60     720p60     720p60      720p60        Good video


I have 480p60 RX & when I am upscaling RX to 1080p60 using PVSP then output video is corrupt.

If upscaling RX to 720p60 using PVSP & downscaling SVSP 1080p60 OSD to 720p60, then video is not corrupt.  

I am also attaching logs for 1080p & 720p resolution.


Thanks & regards,


Saurabh Namjoshi