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How to proceed for porting single core VAT 2.4.0 to dual core VAT 2.4.0?

Question asked by RamishK on Oct 6, 2015



I am working on VAT 2.4.0 Real Time Demo and MCAPI using BF609 EZ-Board 1.0.


My objective is:

--> transfer Object Detection module (vat_od_demo.c) onto core 1

-->core 0 will contain only PVP and sections related to inputting.

So that core 0 will send input frame to core 1 using MCAPI.

After receiving input frame/video Core 1 will run object detector and send its output to core 0 using MCAPI.

Once processed output from core 1 is received, core 0 will display processed output on screen.


Please help how to proceed. I am referring VAT 2.4.1 finboard face detection dual core example. Though is it very much similar to VAT 2.4.0, it contains some additional files like lbp_cascade.c. So lot of confusion about dual core porting.


Suggest how to proceed step by step, what are key factors to be considered, what kind of common mistakes to be avoided?


please help.