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ADF 702x Baud Rate setting

Question asked by mankyu on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2011 by MMA

Hello, i'm working with aduc7020 for ADC/DAC and i'm really new about this product.


now i'm checking the example adc programming,especially  ADCCont.c given in the program Keil uVision 3.


The question is here, these lines below are from line 41 to line 45 in ADCCont.c



   // Start setting up UART at 9600bps
COMCON0 = 0x80;                              // Setting DLAB
COMDIV0 = 0x93;
        COMDIV1 = 0x00;
        COMCON0 = 0x07;                              // Clearing DLAB
However, based on the datasheet ADuC7019_7020_7021_7022_7024_7025_7026_7027_7028_7029,
It's explaining about Baud Rate Generation like this
Why the value of COMDIV0 is 0x93?, I think It should be 0x88 or 0x11(when CD is 3)
and If I write 0x88 on COMDIV0 to generate 9600 bps, is there no problem to set up UART at 9600bps?
Thank you for your apply in advance.