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Audio ADAU1761 problem in Custom ZYNQ board

Question asked by harikrishnan on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by larsc

I have developed a custom board (single board RF interface card) based on ZC706 , which also have audio interface using ADAU1761. I downloaded hdl-hdl_2014_R2  from Github and added audio core as in ZED board HDL design and generated BOOT.bin file. u boot version used is  xilinx-V2014.3 downloaded from Github.  The device tree used was of ZC706 which do not have entries for audio (ADAU1761). Everything worked fine (9361, HDMI, USB, Ethernet etc. except audio). For making the audio functional,  now I added the audio entries to device tree as in ZED board and now during boot function it is hanging.

The boot messages during hanging and device tree is attached and also block design screen capture


Please help me in solving this.