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Question on seg_int_code

Question asked by jhenders on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 2, 2011 by DeepV

The compiler manual states:


This section must always be located in internal memory. It contains library
code that modifies the interrupt latch registers (IMASKP and IRPTL). A
hardware anomaly on a number of SHARC processors means that it is
unsafe for code located in external memory to modify these registers. This
section is used to locate the affected library code in internal memory with-
out restricting the location of the rest of the library code.


By default an entire block of internal memory has been dedicated to this section, at compile-time about less than half is used. I have a couple questions regarding this section:


Are there any risks involved in reducing the size?


Is this a section that is used dynamically at run-time or is what I see in the linker map all that will be used?


I need more space for dm data and I was considering reducing seg_int_code to make room.