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About communication distance of 2 AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZs

Question asked by Kaos on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by rejeesh

Dear Sir/Madam,


Our customer is studying the communication distance with your 2 AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZs.

Also put the blade LTE antenna 698-960/1710-2170/2500-2700 MHz by pulse on there each boards..

One AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ is Tx part, and another one is Rx part.


The result of communication distance was around 30cm.

The expected distance is 10m.


So is this result of 30cm the proper value or not?


I think this is proper due to that  AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ doesnt have power amp.


Thanks Kaos