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About a necessity of DVDD supply for AD1934

Question asked by IRON on Oct 4, 2015
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Hello all,


I have couple of questions.


I am using ADCADAU1977 and DAC (AD1934) to accomplish an application “ANC”(Active noise canceler.)


The ADC has only Analog power supplies which are AVDD. (There is IOVDD but I could not understand how it works from the figure1 of the data sheet.)

On the other hand, DAC (AD1934) has Analog and Digital power supply which are AVDD and DVDD.

I am wondering if I can supply only AVDD for both ADC and DAC to make the system work.

Question: In other words, does the system still work if I do not supply DVDD for the DAC?


In terms of this question, AD1934 Data Sheet p.14 "POWER SUPPLY AND VOLTAGE REFERENCE" says

For critical applications, improved performance is obtained with separate supplies for the analog and digital sections."

Question: In case I do not separate them and use only analog supply, can you still guarantee a minimum level of system operation? Or, it is not going to work at all?

Question: What are the possible drawbacks of not separating analog and digital supply?

Question: And could you tell me for which block will IOVDD be supplied on the ADC?


Thank you so much

Yuta Mihara