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ADAU1761BCPZ for microzed (zynq) board

Question asked by bobdxcool on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by larsc

I am using the ADAU1761BCPZ  audio IC on my custom PCBboard to which microzed is interfaced to. Zedboard has the same chip ADAU1761BCPZ inbuilt. So, now for this IC which I have on the custom PCB with microzed interface, I need to configure linux drivers. Since zedboard uses the same IC and interface on board, can I use zedboard's audio drivers here on microzed ? If so, how should I proceed ? I am running xillinux (based on ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS)with a custom IP core on a microzed now. Can anyone suggest me how and where to download linux device drivers for this audio interface and also changes to be made to device tree if any ?