AD8237 Hysteresis Near 0V?

Discussion created by Mark_O on Oct 2, 2015
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Hello Scott,


I might have a similar issue.  I am using AD8237 as a strain gauge amplifier (gain 500).  The part seems to have hysteresis at small input voltages.  If I pull on the strain gauge, I can see the input voltage change linearly increasing from about -.3mV,-.2mV, -.1mV,0.1mV etc. however the output stays at 1.0mV and stays there as I pull harder and harder until it jumps to like 20 - 30 mV then seems to respond to varying force from there.  I am using the Ref pin grounded through a resistor equal to the parallel combination of the two gain setting resistors.


Could this be an offset problem as you detailed for Haox?