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Need help debugging proto board based on ADAV4601

Question asked by KKSL on Oct 1, 2015



I am having difficulty getting any sound from my ADAV4601 based proto board.

Here is how it is put together:

The crystal is 12.288MHz, not the default 24.576MHz

There is WM8805 as SPDIF receiver as HW MASTER.

The ADAV4601 receives digital signals on LRCLK1, BCLK1 and SDIN0.

The ADC is used for analog inputs and the outputs are taken from the 6 DACs.

PWM outputs are not used.

nMUTE is pulled up to 3.3V


I am using the latest SS and USBi


Do let me know if any further inputs are needed.


I need help with the IIC script that will validate my board.


Thanks in advance!!