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AD210 application question

Question asked by etdzi1 on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by JinoL

Brief description of our problem:

We have a power supply sitting at 2400V and we pulse its output from an open load to the equivalent of 100pF. When we pulse the load, the rail voltage of the power supply drops by approximately 4V and rises to its nominal steady state voltage over 500ms (100ms time constant). We want to measure the 4V perturbation and bring it down to low level voltages for processing. We would then like to offset the processed signal by up to 2400V with a separate power supply.

Our question is as follows:

Can we use two AD210's to accomplish this task? The first would differentially measure the perturbed HV signal versus a 2400V reference and convert it to a ground referenced 4V signal. The second would take a processed signal (inverted voltage perturbation) which is ground referenced and have the signal referenced to 2400V on the output.