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About what to do with unused MCLKIN pin on ADAU1977

Question asked by IRON on Oct 1, 2015
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Hi All (and Rajeev),


I have 2 questions.



Can I just connect unused MCLKIN pin on ADAU1977 to the GND?



There are mainly three types of pins on devices which are

-Input pin

-Output pin

-Input/Output pin

(So of course...haha)


It often happens that data sheet does not give any instruction of how to deal with unused pins.

(Sometimes, data sheet talks about it but not often.)


I would like to know how to handle this situation in future.


Can I just do like below on ADI devices without asking you?

Unused Input pins : Locked(pull-up/ pull-down/ ting to VDD/ ting to GND)

Unused Output pins : Leave open

Unused Input/Output pins : Set as Input mode then lock(pull-up/pull-down) or set as output mode then leave open


Or should I ask it on Engineer Zone every single time just in case?


Thank you very much


Best Regards,

Yuta Mihara