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How do compensate AD8302 IC for low frequency range of 1Hz to 1MHz?

Question asked by anushaas on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by jdobler

I have the following questions regarding AD8302 IC?


1.Is it possible to use this IC for gain phase measurements over a frequency range of 1Hz to 1MHz ? (because even after using the low frequency connection diagram mentioned in AN-691,I am getting very erroneous result)


2.As per my understanding,the cutoff frequency is decided by the equation 1/2*pi*R*CC.So if I am using CC=470uF and R = 46 Ohm, my cutoff frequency is 7.36Hz.So shouldn't the IC give accurate readings at 100Hz?


3.What is the role of an external CFLT?Is it just to remove ripple or plays a role in deciding cutoff as well?