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ADAU1452 Eval board filters & output problems

Question asked by Nikitas on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Heidi



I am new with this board and with DSP,

so please forgive me if my questions sound stupid.


I want to use this evaluation board as a crossover for experimentation.

Specifically I'd like to feed the board with data via optic cable and output

2 pairs analog channels: Left & Right Low and Left & Right mid high


I designed the attached schematic after reading the board's documentation.


So, I was expecting to have at the outputs OUT1R/L the left and right bass channels

and at OUT2R/L the left and right mid and high channels.

Instead at OUT1 I get all frequencies and at OUT2 I get nothing.


According to the instructions for setting up the SPDIF IN, I have to insert the ASRC block into the schematic.

I noticed that this block is called by default Asrcin1. While at the hardware configuration tab, instructions say that I should configure

ASRC0. Could this be the problem?


Any ideas?